If Aqua4 is “the Turnkey solution” and the best technological standard for the anchor chain, Aqua7 is the advanced solution Maggi Group for the yachtsman who demands a high level of performance.
Calibrated for anchor winches with a breaking strength equal to 70 kg/mm2, they are expressly studied for anchoring in rough waters, Aqua7 chains are extremely strong, guarantee high performances and solve chain storage volume problems by allowing longer lengths in the peak with the same working load.

Hot dip galvanized with thermical treatment, Aqua7 chains are the best price compromise in respect to the stainless steel chain , where major mechanical characteristics are required with good resistance to salt corrosion. Aqua7 standard represents the best solution in case of race vessels or working boats, for the professionals of the sea, and in all those cases where chains are subject to frequent and heavy-duty use. Aqua7 chain can be certified by RINA.
The advantage of being able to make use of high capacities permits to ligthen the vessel using a smaller diameter and in the same time reducing the dimension of the anchor winch, during the design project.

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