Maggi Group: one mission, lots of specialisations

The Maggi brand was set up in 1925 thanks to the intuition and commitment of the Maggi family and since then it has stood out as one of the most dynamic and farsighted experiences within the entire European chain-making industry.
A Group with an articulated set up, geared towards dealing with numerous systems and processes, but also extensively integrated, created around a sound common project.
The constant commitment in the field of research and innovation, together with vast multi-sectorial experience, enables the Maggi Group to introduce top quality products onto the market, that are unique in terms of performance, practicality and reliability.

Missions and values

A company of European reference, acknowledged on an international level and synonymous with “Made in Italy” within the chain-making industry, the Maggi Group is accredited with a model that hinges on quality, tradition and the creation of value overtime.
The passion and constant commitment towards technological innovation plus the research, aimed at pursuing top quality solutions in all industries, represent the strong points of its enterprising commitment.
The vast multi-sectorial experience, arising out of the decision to pursue a leaning towards several market areas from the very outset, makes the Maggi Group an influential and highly qualified partner in all the industries that it is involved in.

The story of a dynamic Group,
focused on the future

The Maggi brand was set up in 1925 thanks to the intuition and commitment of the Maggi family (now in its fifth generation) and since then it has stood out as one of the most dynamic and farsighted experiences within the entire European chain-making industry.

Its vocation has always been that of pursuing its leaning towards several market areas: a winning decision which made it into one of the very few companies within the industry with multi-sectorial skills, especially in the areas that Maggi is involved in: marine, industry, security, snow, D-I-Y and farming.
The multi-sectorial experience, well integrated with a vast industrial project, has, over the years, enabled the Maggi Group to gain a position of undisputed, competitive leadership on the world’s markets.

Maggi Group Spa: the power of a big Group

Maggi Group Spa is a holding company which can count on eight factories that are spread out over more than 50.000 smq. It is a major industrial concern, which employees 150 people who work for four companies: MaggiGroup Spa,Zincofuoco Spa, Tempera Srl and Scaioli Srl.
An Italian set up which has now taken on an international dimension by collaborating with Asian partners trained to use Italian know-how and technology, in search of better production solutions so as to be able to obtain the highest quality standards for its products.

Maggi Group Spa

Maggigroup is the original company that the Group was borne out of and it has control over the engineering of all the production processes, which involve tens of machining and processing systems, assembly lines, control islands, packaging departments and warehouses for both semi-manufactured goods and finished products.
It is responsible for a six production sites, all specialized in the production of snow chains, chains that are big in diameter (up to 90  mm), chains and accessories for farming and zoo technical use, chains with a smaller diameter (between 1 and 3 mm.) earmarked for the industrial and D-I-Y sectors, and chains, links and accessories for the marine industry.

Zincofuoco Bergamasca

Zincofuoco Bergamasca Spa, together with Tempera Srl, are the proof of the Maggi Group’s all-round investments, with particular attention being paid to the production industry, so as to ensure the handling and perfect co-ordination of all the crucial stages of the quality process.
The production of 15,000 tons per year of hot galvanised metal is guaranteed by three efficient processing lines, both automated and semi-automated, for chains and metal structural work.
Particularly important is the technological result achieved in the production of chains that are hot-dip galvanised in-line, with a brand new, completely automatic line that is computerised and has six separate lines that were recently installed.
This means that it is now possible to manufacture sections of chain in kilometric lengths without any problems of continuity.


Tempera Srl was set up in response to specific customer requirements, in cases where the functional and structural modification to the product makes it necessary, for example, to ensure that the chain has a very high surface hardness for anti-deterioration purposes.
The heat treatments carried out in-house are the response from the Maggi Group to the needs set by such special uses.
Equipped with innovative truck furnaces made by a German company, Tempera Srl is able to guarantee, by means of constant automatic monitoring, the physical/chemical parameters of the chambers, and both the hardness and depth pecifications needed for gears and chains; the production of small parts of metal nuts and bolts, however, is entrusted to three recently installed robotic lines that have belt conveyor furnaces.


Scaioli Srl is a company that specialises in the production of small-diameter welded chains that are used a great deal in D-I-Y circles and in both the sanitary and furnishing industries.
Over time, the company’s high level of specialisation has led to the creation of machinery earmarked for manufacturing and testing the product within the company itself, which is now the leader in Italy when it comes to manufacturing small chains.

MCC Group Far East

MCC Group Far East and a productive settlement Developed Area in Southeast Asia, not property, but operated with Italian technologies and individual skills, the result of a choice that does the Will Emerge to place themselves in a multinational dimension not only in terms of export of its products, but above all for Dissemination of Technology and know-how Maggi, essential to gain a prominent position your New Emerging Markets.